Olympus WS812 digital recorder


Olympus WS812 Digital Voice Recorder

High Quality Digital Voice Recorder


Whether recording meetings, lectures or personal notes, users can be assured of first class results with the Olympus WS812 Digital Voice Recorder. An improved stereo microphone captures sound in highest quality and with an excellent S/N ratio – with the WS-813 also featuring a special range adjustable Zoom Microphone function.

Their low noise and high sensitivity attributes together with a new high performance audio codec mean these models are ideal for recording the human voice. In addition, the Noise Cancel feature ensures unwanted background sounds are minimised.

A further benefit for users is the integrated Voice Playback technology (WS-812 and WS-813), which distinguishes the human voice from other sounds so that non-voice portions are skipped and only those with voice are played back. Fluctuating sound levels because of soft or loud voices, or due to people speaking from various distances from the microphone, are balanced out by the Voice Balancer function in the WS-812 & WS-813.

The top two models of this trio also allow recording levels to be set manually to ensure complete user control. Files can be saved in mp3 or WMA format – with the WS-812 and WS-813 also boasting the pureness of PCM file format for equal-to-CD sound quality recording.