Olympus DS7000 Digital Voice Recorder


Olympus DS7000 Digital Voice Recorder

A Superior Digital Voice Recorder


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Easy-to-use design

Set-up, recording and editing is easier than ever on the new DS  digital voice recorder. The DS-7000’s slide switch makes dictation more comfortable than ever, dictation tags help simplify speech processing and the large colour LCD has been designed to be read in a blink of an eye.

Superior quality

Olympus’ reputation for quality and reliability over 40 years speaks for itself — so no matter how hard you work, you can rest assured that your equipment can keep pace all the way.

Full flexibility

With their vast array of functions and accessories, audio codecs, up to 20 worktypes, long-lasting batteries and much more, the new DS devices can be customised to suit any purpose in any IT environment. Every feature is easily configurable with a separate software application.

Data security

Security is a key concern in any business. The new DS recorders can be secured with a 4-digit PIN and real-time 256-bit encryption while dictating, to give you full control over who knows what at any given moment.