Bosch DCN Public Address Systems

Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System

 Discussion System Innovation



Bosch brings discussion system innovation to the congress world, with its new state-of-the-art and user-friendly Wireless Discussion System. Suitable for both small and large venues, the Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System offers organizations unparalleled functionality and flexibility.

Featuring an award-winning Wireless Access Point (WAP) that is easy to position, as well as separate battery packs for simple charging and changing, the DCN Wireless Discussion System is designed with the user in mind, whether that user is a system administrator, chairman or participant.

Maximum flexibility 

Conferences and seminars can be set up with a great degree of freedom due to the Bosch DCN Wireless System’s flexible design. The WAP can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or tripod, and is easily positioned for best technical or aesthetic effect. Individual wireless discussion units can be added or rearranged by simply picking them up and moving them.

With minimal time required for set-up or break-down, multiple events can be planned in sequence with virtually no delays. The DCN Wireless System gives great support to conferences and seminars anywhere people meet.

Range of equipment

The Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion product line includes:

  • Wireless Discussion Units
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP)
  • a central control unit
  • congress control software
  • information displays and installation equipment
  • simultaneous interpretation and optional language distribution equipment