Bosch CCS900 Public Address System

Bosch CCS 900 Public Address System

Bosch CCS 900 Public Address System


Simple straight-forward installation

Designed for installation flexibility, the system is ideal for small‑to‑medium‑scale meeting areas, such as town halls, local business centers and courtrooms. Each system includes a control unit (CU) connected to a number of delegate and chairman units.

The advanced CU is equipped with a recording feature, including an easy‑to‑read LCD screen and a Secure Digital (SD) card slot. Like all Bosch products, the CCS 900 Ultro is backed by Bosch’s world renowned customer support and service commitment.

Easy to Use & Easy to Install

Since it’s a plug-and-play, all‑in‑one discussion solution, the CCS 900 Ultro requires no special training or operator. Anyone can begin using the intuitive controls immediately.

The display on the CU is language-independent, and the microphone mode and the volume level can be adjusted using the CU dials.

Innovative, Elegant Design

The CCS 900 Ultro is designed in Europe and reflects Bosch’s many years of experience in creating state‑of‑the‑art conferencing equipment.

It delivers excellent ergonomics, improved acoustical characteristics and a design that complements any interior, from new, ultra‑modern buildings to traditional, centuries‑old structures.

It combines excellent acoustics, superior component design and intuitive use with eye‑catching aesthetic quality, and is exclusively registered to Bosch.