Olympus DM550 Digital Conference Kit


Olympus DM550 Conference Recording Kit

 The Convenient Conference Recording Kit


Recording a board meeting or other large gathering has never been easier. With only one sleek aluminium hardshell case, you can carry with you everything you need. Starting with the DM-550 for recording excellent quality sound, with an incredible 51 hours of battery life.

Plug in the two omni-directional microphones and set them up on the enclosed tripods up to 5 metres apart. With the remote control in your hand, you’re ready to record for hours and hours in high quality stereo sound. Plug in the AC adapter for even longer recording, check the sound with the enclosed earphone, and when the meeting’s over, sync transfer files to your computer.

The supplied Olympus Sonority software allows you to organise, edit, combine, divide and rename conference files or even improve them with optional Plugins. Optional Transcription Kits are the perfect complement for transcription, featuring a footswitch, headset and transcription software. Four playback modes are supported – stereo, mono, left mic and right mic.