About Marcus Integrated Solutions


Formed in 2003, Marcus Integrated Solutions has been specializing in providing recording, transcription & voice recognition solutions for the past 10 years.

We have been providing our customers with solutions and products to enhance productivity while maintaining these solutions with our after-sales-service which re-enforces customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We offer professional recording, transcription and conference solutions to our clients. We are constantly researching and testing the latest technology systems available to offer our clients the best innovative products to assist them in every aspect of their recording and transcription requirements.

Our products are designed and developed for all sectors ranging from students, listed companies all the way through to government departments. As recording and transcription needs become more intensive, our solutions are constantly being developed and adapted to add maximum value with minimum effort.

A corporation’s core values are mirrored in its business performance. Innovation, Openness and Partnership are the core values we’ve set for ourselves. We invite you to realise your vision in partnership with us, so that we may advance together.

We Are BEE Certified: BEE Certificate